Understand the Yardage!


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“Yo, Pete, what’s the distance?” 

“One-fifty,” Pete replies. 

“Perfect. I hit my seven iron 150 yards.”

I find most golfers have the wrong perception of target distance. When I shoot 150 yards with the Rangefinder, most of the time I’m thinking about a 140-yard swing. If you notice, about 95% of greens you approach have back-to-front slopes. Having said that, is it better to be long or short of the pin?

I’ll answer that question with another question: When your ball lands, does it spin three yards back, or does it roll out 10?

Keep your shots below the cup to ensure your ball always tracks in the direction of the hole. unnamed-1Not to mention, aren’t uphill putts and chips easier than downhill ones?

Next time your playing partner tells you you’re 150 out, think to yourself, “Do I really want to hit this more than 150?” and hit a smarter shot.

Play the approach, not the yardage.