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Have you ever stood over a short putt and said to yourself, “I’m probably going to Self-Confidencemiss this,” and to no surprise you miss? I’m sure you’ve hit to an island green, secretly praying to miss the water hazard, and as Murphy’s Law mandates – you’re all wet.

We’ve all had these experiences, turning negative thoughts into reality. We’ve also had moments of pure confidence, that feeling of being “in the zone.” Those feelings must be harnessed, because negative thinking is poison. The brain doesn’t the know the word don’t or not. All it hears is you saying water over and over. And of course, when you hit the shot, your subconscious mind sends you towards the pond.

Confidence, like any part of your game, must be practiced with repetition and focus. You must brainwash yourself to be confidant, to see past hazards, to visualize success. The glass is never half empty, but it’s also never half full. The glass must always be 100% full when you’re out on the course. There is zero room for pessimism is this unforgiving game.