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When you arrive at the putting surface, do you need to be told where to put down your golf bag? Do you have a habit of parking your cart greenside in the complete opposite direction of the next teemaar01_owen_slow_play?

Those are amateur moves!

Seriously. C’mon! A round of golf takes long enough as it is. Plus, having to dart across the green to grab your golf bag, while the next foursome is waiting to hit its approach shots, is just embarrassing.

Don’t be that guy!

A good practice is to look where the next tee-box is and drop off your sticks en route to it. Take an extra second to figure out where to go with it. But just be considerate to other golfers. Be proactive and efficient in every aspect of your game. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference in every round you play. Stop wasting my time and yours!