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Ever find yourself in the midst of a great round, and realize you’ve had the same song stuck in your head all morning?

bf3e321315c0f34b374d75907473fe9aThis has actually happened during many of my best rounds. Sometimes it’s an old favorite; sometimes it’s an annoying Top-40 pop song that just gets lodged in your subconsciousness. Years back, my low score at my home course was shot to “Peg” by Steely Dan. Recently, Iron Maiden invaded my headspace, and helped me make 6 birdies.

It works a lot like the way Joe Montana, in the waning moments of Super Bowl XXIII, 49ers1took the pressure off his teammates by directing their attention to John Candy sitting in the stands. The 49ers then proceeded to march 92 yards for the game-winning touchdown.

Getting a song stuck in your head takes the pressure off your shots. It silences the inner voices of doubt and negativity. It clears and calms the brain, and distracts it from the scorecard, imposing hazards, and bad shots.

A mental song playing on loop also subconsciously helps with the repetition of your shots, helping replicate a consistent swing motion. It connects shots and holes, and brings an intuitive cohesiveness to a round. It gives your game rhythm.

It keeps you in the zone!

So before your next round, listen to a song – any hooky track that feels comforting – and let that be your mantra for the next four hours.

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