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I’d be willing to bet your grip pressure is way too strong.022507sly_golf021807 Not strong like you’re going to hook the ball every swing, but strong like Sylvester Stallone’s grip probably is. The vast majority of golfers I meet strangle the club. Extra firm grip pressure is very damaging to the golf swing; it creates muscle tension along the forearms, up through the biceps, into the shoulders, and through the rest of the body. A great golf swing is fluid and smooth and when the muscles are tense that is difficult to achieve. If you’ve got blisters after a round, or big calluses, you’re gripping TOO HARD! Close-up of a person's hand holding a birdSam Snead compared the golf grip – which is the foundation for all swing mechanics – to holding a small bird in your hands; don’t crush and kill it, but don’t let it fly away either.