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78f6614854b1b1199e8118118f0187bbThis may come as no surprise to you, but golfers are too often intimidated by sand traps. What is surprising, however, is the amount of players that fear the beach simply because they have no clue how to approach a the shot. The good news is that getting out of the sand is a simple proposition. The biggest reason golfers struggle from greenside bunkers is that they decelerate in their swing. Deceleration is the worst and there is no place for it anywhere in the game of golf! It’s much easier to blast your way out than to try to be cute and lift the ball. Would you rather be a little long and on grass or look like a fool and face the exact same shot? Aim to impact the ground a few inches behind the ball, swing full, and let the sand push the ball out onto the green. If you’re not already doing this, you will almost instantly start to hit better sand shots. And once you become comfortable and confident with this idea, you will find bunker shots to be easy and actually fun!