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If you’re having trouble consistently striking the golf ball, there’s a good chance youErnie Else- Perfect Swing- Not Over Swing over swing. A good portion of golfers take the club back way too far in their backswing. There is no scenario when your club shaft, when fully loaded, should ever be more than parallel with the ground. A longer backswing makes it more difficult to strike the ball consistently with the center of the clubface. Ernie Els’ swing, to the left, is a perfect example of how to be controlled and swing within yourself. His moves are simple, repeatable and therefore consistent.

Most golfers probably already know this, but so few have the sense to actually shorten their backswing. Do they think if they overload their backswing they’ll hit the ball a lot farther? Not at chance! Very few people have that ability. Jon DalyOver Swing- Only the superhumans like Jon Daly can pull this off. KIDS DONT TRY THIS AT HOME is freakishly fast, almost super-human, and is able to make it work. And even though he swings with such length, has he really been consistent?

In addition, an over swing can lead to a reverse pivot, which means you won’t be striking the ball with the full momentum of your weight transfer. An easy, compact golf swing will most likely lead to hitting the ball farther than an overloaded, reverse-pivoting, muscled over-swing.

Swallow your pride and shorten your takeaway!