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insl01-seve-greatest-tips-introThe key to playing great golf is consistency, and the only way to achieve a consistent swing is by practicing it.  So why do so many golfers spend hours on the driving range pounding balls, and never see much improvement?  Because it’s not the quantity, but the quality of practice that matters most.  With this series of ancient golf wisdom, titled Practical Practice, I’m going to take you through a few easy but essential ways that you can optimize your practice time.

First step?  Keep it simple.

Less is more.  The easiest way to get frustrated while practicing is to overload your brain with too many swing thoughts.  If you’re starting off with a list of 10 things to remember when setting up your swing, by the time you get to number 10 you’ll have completely forgotten numbers 1 through 8.  Instead, decide what needs the most attention, and concentrate fully on one or two problems before moving on.  This will enable you to focus on what’s important, avoid distractions, and better gauge the progress of your session.

And don’t overdo it.  Often the best practice moments occur when hitting only a few balls.  Overworking a swing thought can confuse the brain, and if you’re thinking too much, you’re doing it wrong.  Once you get it, don’t give yourself a chance to replace it with negative thoughts.  Move on as soon as it feels right.

Next time you go out to hit a few balls, keep simplicity in mind.  Your swing will thank you.