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The short game is a complex organism; so many different shots, so many different ways to approach them. A good starting point is to know when to bump and run and when to fly it to the hole. Phil+Mickelson+Aberdeen+Asset+Management+Scottish+2ujv7OLCNROl-600x300_cWhen making this decision, a golfer must first assess the target green. If there’s a lot of real estate to work with, get the ball on the ground early and let it roll – especially if it is an uphill approach. When the green has a lot of undulation before the hole, you’re going to want to fly the ball and land it softly. It’s good to try to hit the ball over all the trouble and land it softly near the hole, rather than play a guessing game on how the ball will react crossing a bunch of hills and undulations.

Best practice is to do some tests. When you have the opportunity to work on your short game, focus on how the ball reacts when it lands. Knowing this is paramount to your success around the greens.