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The golf swing is all about balance. It’s why so many golfers are turning to yoga to make their games better. You have very little chance to hit the ball well if you are constantly wrestling with staying balanced. Notice the finishes of every golfer on tour.31 Oct 1999: Stuart Appleby follows his drive during The Tour Championship at the Champions Golf Club in Houston, Texas. Mandatory Credit: Harry How /Allsport They are in a position that they could comfortably stand in all day long. Focus on being in balance and you will find yourself hitting more consistent shots.

If you’re going to lose your balance in your swing (and most of you often do) then at least fall forward, toward the target. Too many golfers lose momentum in their golf swing, or let the momentum of their swing send them (and their clubface) in haphazard directions.

balance-aktHere’s a crazy thought: direct your swing momentum at the target! If you’re looking for it, you’ll see a significant correlation between the direction your body moves through the shot and where your ball ends up.

Give your shots a chance, and swing your body where you want the ball to go!