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One of the single most important aspects of your swing is something Joe DePino,1237 my old golf coach, taught me when I was first learning the game. Joe called it the Best Seat in the House. Joe was a disciple of the Canadian Pro, George Knudson, who coined the term.

The Best Seat in the House means simply having a proper finish, where 100% of your weight is resting on your front foot, your face, chest, and belt buckle facing the target, and you’re standing comfortably, in perfect balance, watching the ball flight. Finding the Best Seat in the House means you’ve made a good weight transfer through the shot and did not over-swing yourself out of balance.

Some say, “Who cares what I look like when my swing is over? I already hit the ball.” This finishing position, the Best Seat in the House, is the indication of a good swing; it’s a satisfying vantage of ballUSATSI_8559754_168381090_lowres-380x250 flight that gives the golfer a feeling of confidence, authority, and control. If you finish poorly, chances are the same can be said about your swing and the results.