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7205089854_dcd6a0d480_oGolf has always been known as “a thinking man’s game.” This is, of course, true. But overthinking leads to the undoing of so many men out on the links.

Yes, it is essential to analyze every shot, every situation, and how the results feel – good or bad – but DO NOT dwell on these thoughts. Far too many golfers focus on how they’re swinging the club before hitting a shot on the course. Did my hips turn enough? Did they turn too much? How about my head? Is it moving? Should I take the club more inside on my backswing? All these thoughts, though important to consider on the practice range, have no place on the course (that’s the reason you practice them – to make them second nature).

The key to performing at your best on the course is to FOCUS ON THE TASK, not the tiger51process. Focus on your targets. Focus on your landing areas. Distract your overactive brain with these things. Thinking about your elbow and if it’s tucked in enough will make you forget what’s most important – putting that little white ball in the damn hole!