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Is it just me or is there a new wave of young stars on the Tour suddenly rocking beards? J.B. Holmes won the Shell Houston Open in a three-way playoff this week. Did his chin cap have something to do with it? For too long has golf been synonymous with clean-shaven country club aristocrats, among whom the beard is often looked on as a violation of etiquette. Well, from muttonchops to the Fu Manchu, we here at The Brooklyn Golfer proudly support sporting facial hair on the links, whether youre a card-carrying pro or a high-handicap hack looking to have a good time. So in honor of this bristling revival of the bearded golfer, heres our list of The Top 5 crumb catchers in the games modern history. (*Not pictured: Craig Stadlers “Walrustache.”)

5. Bill Murray

Bill MurrayHe’d be much higher on the list if he was actually playing professionally, even though he probably makes more money playing golf than half the guys on tour.

4. Hunter Mahan

Hunter MahanHe’s a young hotshot on the Tour, presently ranked 32 in the world, and a red-beard like myself.

3. Tiger Woods 

TigerTigers experimentation with the goatee has been synonymous, in recent years, with the reshaping of his edgier, more volatile imagine. But I think his reluctance to commit to it has been holding him back. Once he lets that jawline fill in, he just might climb back atop the world rankings again.

2. Thomas Bjorn

Thomas BjornHis grizzly growth, in concert with his bald dome, gives him the likeness of a pro arm wrestler, or a Danish hitman worthy of a Guy Richie film. Bjorn’s got the intimidation factor working heavily in his favor.

1. Old Tom Morris

Old Tom Morris

No contest. Four Open Championships, One Awesome Beard.