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Feel the grass under your feet. Get friendly with the terrain. Hoof it once in a while. OD-AW834_Golf_J_G_20130425181924I understand your Saturday morning round is your time to relax, to get away for a few hours, but not taking a cart won’t kill you (unless you’re 97 years old). Don’t forget, some do consider this crazy game a sport. Imagine if the pros rode around in E-Z-GOs?

It’s OK to sweat a little out there, to get your heart pumping. It’s not only good for your health, but it’s also good for your game. Cart golf creates a disconnect between you and the course, between you and your next shot. Cart golf makes you beholden to your driving partner, to his whims and energy; when he hits a poor shot, you’ll feel it in his slamming the club or cursing, and that can rub off on your game. Being beholden to a cart partner also rushes you, your swings, and your club selection. Golf-cart-crashHave you ever had a cart partner drop you off at your ball, only to realize, as he drives away, that you took the wrong club? When you walk, you always have your clubs by your side, like a footsoldier always has his weapons. You are your own man, your own player, and worried about your own game. Try it. Go for a walk.